SDTW excavator Maintenance way and using way

 The TW60 excavator power of the excavator engine is seriously reduced.
The reasons for the decline of excavator excavator 4.0 ton engine power are as follows:
1) The SDTW excavato engine electronic signal transmission SDTW excavato system (mainly for models with high degree of electronic control) has sensor failures, such as temperature sensor, speed sensor, accelerator motor position sensor, EGR (secondary cycle sensor) sensor, etc. It depends on how the engine power and hydraulic power are matched, That is to say, the electronic optimization system asks for those engine signals to make the dynamic power of the Note Mini Excavator engine constantly changing match the dynamic power required by the hydraulic system.
2)The excavator hq40 low-pressure fuel system is blocked (mainly including the filter element inside the excavator 4.0 ton fuel tank and the filter element outside the fuel tank are blocked) or the pipeline is not tightly excavator 4.0 ton sealed and enters the air.