3.0ton Telescopic forklift loader with Cummins engine

Telescopic forklift loader Maintenance principle: First,Telescopic forklift loader implement the method of combining scheduled maintenance and temporary maintenance with fixed factory, fixed personnel, fixed vehicle. Second,7m Telehandler Wheel Loader implement the method of combining self repair by drivers, repair by the company's maintenance team and external repair of major difficult faults. Third, the driver should check, maintain and maintain the vehicle frequently to keep the 7m Telehandler Wheel Loader vehicle with good technical performance at any time. Fourth,3 Tons Telehandler Forklift   adhere to the principle of self repair for faults that can be eliminated by the factory; For faults that 3 Tons Telehandler Forklift  can be eliminated through maintenance, adhere to the principle of not replacing parts; For faults that can be repaired by the maintenance team of the company, it is prohibited to spend money to let outsiders undertake repair and maintenance good way .  www.haiqinmachinery.com