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1,  Maintenance procedures and requirements: 1. All loaders and excavators shall be subject to the repair application system. When the driver finds that the vehicle has a fault and needs to be repaired, he shall report it to the forklift or hook foreman of the factory for inspection according to the fault condition. If the factory can repair it itself, the factory shall repair it itself. If the vehicle cannot be repaired by itself, fill in the vehicle maintenance application form and submit it to the factory leader for review. Then, the factory leader reports to the company's vehicle management office for repair. The company's vehicle management office shall arrange repairmen to repair the vehicle in a timely manner according to the fault conditions. Each repair shall be carried out with one order for each vehicle. After the repair is completed, one copy of the repair application form shall be submitted to the warehouse keeper for retention, and the other copy shall be brought back by the repairman to the vehicle management office for storage in the vehicle file. The warehouse keeper of each factory shall fill in the machine equipment maintenance and parts replacement account according to the maintenance situation, and report the registration of the month to the company together with the material inventory form at the end of the month.
2. All parts received or purchased must be delivered to the warehouse of the factory for warehousing acceptance. The warehouse keeper must be conscientious and responsible for the acceptance and make a good registration.
3. The driver shall keep a good appearance at all times, check, maintain and maintain frequently, and always keep a good condition to ensure safe driving.
4. During the maintenance of mechanical equipment, the driver of the vehicle must cooperate throughout the whole process. After the vehicle is repaired, the driver shall carefully inspect the vehicle repair and return the replaced parts to the factory warehouse.
5. The  management office shall establish basic information and maintenance files for all forklift and hook trucks of the company,