telescopic telehandler with 3.5ton lift capacity,7m lift height

 Made in china machines,The telescopic telehandler intake and exhaust system is not smooth (air leakage at the junction of the turbocharger and air air intercooling intake system will cause insufficient engine power, but at this moment, it is usually accompanied by black smoke when the engine is under medium or high load), the valve clearance is too small or too large, and too small valve clearance is likely to cause insufficient power of the hot car engine, thus holding the hot car.
Secondly, the telescopic telehandler electronic control system of (computer) telescopic telehandler with a high degree of electronic optimization cannot be ignored. Short circuit, open circuit, computer damage, etc. in the circuit may cause the excavator to hold the car. Generally, Forklift Telehandler  models that have been used for more than 10000 hours are prone to burn sensors, actuators and computers due to the aging of the circuit.
If your telehandlers  hydraulic pump has been cleaned, but the Telehandler Telescopic Forklift  is still holding up, you should consider whether the Telehandler Telescopic Forklift  pressure of your excavator is properly adjusted, and whether you find any problems when you disassemble the hydraulic pump. Sometimes too much pressure adjustment of the Forklift Telehandler  will also cause the excavator to hold the vehicle.
The telehandlers engine emits black smoke. After the Forklift Telehandler  supercharger of the excavator is replaced, the fault is alleviated Recently, there has been black smoke from the excavator engine. At the same time, when the excavator is cold, it still holds the Welift Telehandler truck. The speed of the excavator's boom and two boom is slow and weak, which seriously affects the normal operation of the excavator (The diesel pump, fuel injection pump nozzle and diesel filter of the excavator have all been replaced.) Doushan (Daewoo) Forklift Telehandler  has a cold car and is holding up, emitting black smoke. The fault is speculated to be caused by:
1. The telehandlers  engine power is too small, so it is necessary to adjust the power regulator. Adjust the Welift Telehandler large and small nozzles to be 90 degrees loose. 2. Replace the Telescopic forklift loader main pump lifter, and adjust the flow. 3. The air filter is blocked
4 Excessive Telescopic forklift loader clearance between piston ring and cylinder wall  . need notice the using way of engines oil.