Wheel loader with CE, Farm loader with SGS

 The wheel loaders company will determine the partners of these spare parts. Each factory will take back the spare parts after being approved by the factory director as needed during vehicle maintenance. The retrieved spare parts must go through warehousing procedures in the factory warehouse, and give the delivery note issued by the merchant to the mini radlader storekeeper. At the end of each month, the CE loader storekeeper will sort out the delivery note, the ,cat 938 wheel loader warehousing note and the hoflader application form together, and then ZL20 loader give them to the factory cashier, The steel camel m915 loader cashier of each factory shall check and settle with the merchant based on the delivery note, and submit the invoice or receipt after settlement, together with the warehousing form and application form, to the ,cat 938 wheel loader company for approval before reimbursement. The mini loaders main parts can only be taken with signatures of these cooperative merchants, and it is strictly prohibited to choose merchants to buy them.www.haiqinmachinery.com