Backhoe loader maintaince way of every week

jcb backhoe loader 3cx Spare parts required for maintenance of mechanical equipment are divided into three types: common parts, jcb backhoe loader 3cx major parts and general parts. Common parts shall be purchased in batches. The company's vehicle management office shall formulate a purchase plan according to the vehicle conditions, blt388 backhoe purchase according to the plan, wz40-28 backhoe loader store them in the company's general warehouse, and review and reimburse them against the general warehouse warehousing form, wz40-28 backhoe loader application form, purchase invoice or receipt. blt388 backhoe Common parts required by each factory shanmon 388h can only be obtained from the general warehouse of the company according to the plan, and the returned common wz40-28 backhoe loader parts shall be distributed by the warehouse of each factory according to the use situation. shanmon 388h is strictly forbidden to purchase them by yourself or store them beyond the plan.