shantui SBH388 backhoe loader with cummins enigne maintenace details

 The shantui SBH388 backhoe loader with cummins enigne maintenace details,foton lovol backhoe loader with ce engine oil is the engine lubricating oil, which can play a role in lubricating the engine, reducing wear, assisting cooling, sealing, leakage prevention, rust prevention, corrosion prevention,shantui SBH388 backhoe loader shock absorption and buffering. In order to extend the shantui SBH388 backhoe loader service life of your car,oton lovol backhoe loader you need to carry out regular maintenance on your car, so oton lovol backhoe loader as to reduce machine failures and extend the service life of the machine; Improve work efficiency.
The REDSTAR 388 backhoe loader
 first service time for a new car is 50-100 hours, and the REDSTAR 388 backhoe loader
 recommended time for subsequent maintenance is 200-300 hours,
When REDSTAR 388 backhoe loader
 changing the engine oil, first open the oil opening to drain the oil, then change the engine oil filter, remember to exhaust the air after changing, finally pour the engine oil from the engine oil filler, and always pay attention to the position of the dipstick until it is between the upper and lower scales.