Summer using of sany excavator

 Replace the micro bagger water pump fan conveyor belt in a timely manner. After long-term use, the micro bagger belt may experience fatigue and deformation, reducing the cooling effect. When oulide excavator replacing the belt, pay attention to the model and length, and oulide excavator adjust its tightness correctly.
Regularly check the water tank, maintain sufficient coolant, and add it promptly if there is any shortage.
Always leite excavator pay attention to the water temperature gauge. To ensure the correct use of the entire machine, it is necessary to always pay attention to the reading of the water temperature gauge. Measures must be jiahe 8035 taken when it reaches 90 ° or above. You can leite excavator choose to park in a nearby cool place and cool down at idle speed. Be careful not to immediately turn off the jiahe 8035 engine to prevent accidents such as cylinder pulling caused by overheating inside the engine.