vote Excavator maintenance way at summer time

Summer is coming soon, and as the temperature gradually increases, all vote Excavator enthusiasts should conduct a comprehensive maintenance and upkeep of vote Excavator in their spare time. Today, we will talk about the precautions and maintenance for using summer loaders.

In order to ensure the 3.5 ton mini excavator good performance of the entire cooling system, all 3.5 ton mini excavator components of the cooling system should be thoroughly cleaned, tightened, and Kato_Excavator lubricated, and the Kato_Excavator cooling system scale should be cleaned as much as possible to improve heat dissipation efficiency, maintain smooth cooling system flow, and accelerate the circulation of cooling water. Regularly check if there are impurities such as willow catkins, raised flowers, and crawler excavator macao dust accumulated on the heat dissipation surface of the chinese crawler excavator water tank, and keep it clean to prevent blockage .