changlin mini loader maintenance and using way

4 ton front end loader  Oil with low viscosity should be used when the ambient temperature is low; The articulated mini wheel loader viscosity of Gear oil is relatively large to adapt to larger transmission loads.
The wheel loader haitui zl918d viscosity is relatively small to reduce liquid flow resistance.
Maintenance wheel loader haitui zl918d and Repair of changlin mini loader
The changlin mini loader use of lubricating oil (butter) articulated mini wheel loader can reduce wear on moving surfaces and prevent noise. When storing and storing lubricating grease, it should not be mixed in
Dust, sand, water, and other impurities; kima 908 is recommended to use lithium based grease G2-L1, which has good wear resistance and is suitable for heavy-duty working conditions; Filling .
When kima 908 doing so, try to squeeze out all the old oil and wipe it clean to prevent sand from sticking.