telescopic forklift loader with CE,XCMG telehandler with SGS, mini telehandler with CE

 Regulations on manipulador telescopico Regular Maintenance of Loaders
1、 manipulador telescopico Every day
1. Check for telehander xcmg oil, water, and gas leaks and telehander xcmg overheating of the components; 2. Check the level of diesel engine oil, brake fluid, and hydraulic oil; 3. Check tire pressure and damage
Bad situation; 4. Check most popular suppliers telehendler instruments and lighting; 5. most popular suppliers telehendler Inject grease into each hinge joint. 2、 Weekly
1. Check and tighten the telescopic forklift loader front and rear transmission shaft bolts; 2. Check the transmission oil level;
3. Check and adjust the telescopic loader 2.5t oil level of the foot brake booster; 4. Check the throttle control and transmission control system; 5. Check the liquid level of the battery and apply Vaseline to the battery terminals
6. Check the mammut wheel loader fastening of the telescopic loader 2.5t wheel rim and brake disc bolt bridge bolts; 7. Check the tightness of the generator fan belt. 8. Check the tightness of each fastening bolt.
9. Clean the mammut wheel loader air filter (replace the filter element if necessary); 10. Clean the oil suction filter of the diesel tank; 11. Remove pollutants from the surface of the radi