mini cargador with CE, forest loader with SGS, everun er08 with ISO

Every day  mini cargador maintenance and upkeep of loaders
1. Check the mini cargador engine oil level, water volume in the water tank, transmission and diesel tanks, as well as the oil level in the working oil tank. 2. Check the tire pressure and appearance.
3. Check if the forest loader control mechanism and signal equipment are zl wheel loader in good condition.
4. Is there any zl wheel loader abnormal noise after the Everun er08  engine is started and whether all instruments are working properly. 5. Are there any oil, water, or air leaks in each department.
6. Check for overheating in the transmission, torque converter, front and rear axles, etc. 7. Are there any loose or missing fasteners in each forest loader part. 8. Pay attention to the engine after the Everun er08  seasonal operation is completed . multi loaders with CE.