mammut t1600 loader with CE, mammut t1800 with SGS, morooka 1500 with SGS

 China telescopic loader notice and maintenance way : Replace the er1500 telescopic loader hydraulic oil for cleaning or replace the oil filter, and clean the oil tank; 3. Repair the engine according to its instructions; 4. For transmission and torque converter
1. Check whether the mammut t1600 slip ring (also called contact ring) of the generator is dirty.
Check the engine slip ring
As the  mammut t1600 rotor is rotating, the excitation current is transmitted to the rotor winding (excitation winding) through the contact of carbon brush and slip ring. Therefore, once the slip ring is dirty, the excitation current will not be transmitted to the excitation winding of the rotor, so the generator will not generate electricity.Check whether the morooka 1500 rotor and stator of the mammut t1800 generator collide. During using, telescopic wheel loader need note details every day .