Electric Wheel Loaders with total battery power, electric radlader with CE, electric hoflader with USA motor system

 For the Electric Wheel Loaders with failure, try to go to the regular repair site for repair. Monthly
1. Check the Electric Wheel Loaders operation of the engine; 2. Check the electric radlader working condition of the hydraulic system; 3. Check the performance of the steering system;
4. Check the performance of the braking system and replace the brake oil. 5. Check the electric hoflader oil level of the front and rear axles
6. Replace the Mini electric loader engine oil and diesel oil filter; 4、 Every year
1. Replace the front and elektrischer hoflader rear axle gear oil;During on-site repair, protective measures shall also be taken to prevent the parts replaced during on-site repair from being polluted by dust and other impurities before entering the electric hoflader . www,haiqinmachinery.com