china excavator with CE, crawler excavators maintenance way

 1.8t excavator Nails, brake and steering gear screws, battery terminal bolts, etc;
(3) Check the 1.8t excavator lightweight, flexible, and reliable operation of the parking and service brakes, as well as the steering gear;
(4) Check if the lighting,1.8t excavator  signal lights, instruments, and horns are working properly;
(5) Check for water, oil, liquid, gas, or electrical leakage.
(6) Add lubricating oil and grease. Fill the specified lubricating point with the specified type of grease;
(7) Check the 0.3m3 capacity excavator fuel and hydraulic oil levels and add them in a timely manner;
(8) Check the electrolyte level of the battery and add distilled water in a timely manner;
(9) Check the Hitachi  ZX120 tire pressure and check for cracks, punctures,excavator lte 600 and scratches.How to prevent the failure of excavators has become a problem often discussed by construction units. If we can correctly analyze the causes of various failures, take effective and targeted lte 600 preventive measures, and crawler excavators try to slow down the china excavatorb damage of excavator parts, we can effectively prevent continued failures.