construimos TL3000 telescopic loader with CE, telescopic loader eougem t3500 for sales

  sinoway wheel loder teliscope Minor maintenance
The content of minor maintenance:
Minor telescopic boom wheel loader maintenance generally refers to the routine maintenance items carried out by the manufacturer at the specified time or mileage to ensure vehicle performance after driving a certain distance. Mainly including changing the oil and oil filter.
Interval for minor maintenance:
The telescopic loader eougem t3500 time for minor maintenance depends on the telescopic loader t30d effective time or mileage of the oil and oil filter used. The validity period of mineral oil, semi synthetic oil, and fully eurotrac telescopic t13d synthetic oil varies among different brand levels. Please refer to the manufacturer's recommendation for accuracy. The oil filter is generally divided into two types: conventional and long-term. The construimos TL3000 telescopic loader conventional oil filter is replaced with the oil, and the long-term oil filter has a longer service life.
Supplies for minor maintenance