telescopic loader 1840 with Cummins engine, heracles h180t with Euro 5 engine ,mini telescopic loader for sales

 the sinoway wheel loder teliscope oxidation rate of the engine oil will be doubled for every 5 ℃ increase in the engine oil temperature. For this reason, during the use of the excavator, first, it is necessary to prevent overload operation at low temperature, ensure normal operation at low speed preheating stage, and make the excavator drive or work after reaching the specified temperature. . Air filter
The engine needs to suck in a large amount of air during operation. If the telescopic boom wheel loader air is not filtered, the dust in it will accelerate the wear of the telescopic loader zoomlin piston group and cylinder. Larger  heracles h180t  particles entering between the piston and cylinder can also cause serious cylinder pulling. The telescopic mini loader function of an air filter is to filter out dust and telescopic loader 1840 particles from the air, ensuring that sufficient and clean air enters the cylinder.
Do not neglect its important work because there is no problem at that time; Second, the excavator shall be prevented from running under high temperature. During the operation of the telescopic loader 1840 .