TL4000 mammut loader with cummins engine,3.5 ton articulated telehandler maintenance way ,TL3000 telescopic loader using way

 TL4000 mammut loader Major maintenance
The TL4000 mammut content of major maintenance:
Major maintenance refers to routine maintenance carried out at the time or mileage specified by the 3.5 ton articulated telehandler manufacturer, which involves replacing the engine oil and oil filter, air filter, and sinoway wheel loder teliscope gasoline filter.
Interval for major maintenance:
the 3 ton telehandler engine used by the telescopic loader zoomlin generator has a longer service life than that used by bulldozers, excavators, etc. The normal working load mainly depends on the use of the excavator by the operator. First, pay attention not to work under the maximum load that the excavator can bear, and use the excavator within the capacity. As the excavator manager, when assigning the operator, he/she should hand over the data and operation manual attached to the excavator to the heracles h180t operator so that he/she can correctly master the excavator performance and operation process
Major maintenance is based on the existence of minor maintenance, and generally these two construimos TL3000 telescopic loader types of maintenance are carried out alternately. The interval varies depending on the brand of the car, please refer to the manufacturer's recommendations for details.