Skid steer loader JC60

Skid steer loader JC60

JC60 skid steer loader with 45kw engine

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Skid steer loader Specifications
Rated operating capacity(kg): 850
mini skid steer loader Tipping load(kg): 1700
Bucket capacity(m3): 0.5
Skid loader Operationg weight(kg) :3200
Max. travel speed(km/h): 12
Hydraulic pump flow(L/min): 75
Bobcat skid loader Fuel tank capacity(L): 80
JC60 skid loader Tires :12-16.5
Overall dimensions(mm) :3490×1880×2160
Height at maximum extension(mm): 4000
Height to bucket hinge pin(mm): 3100
Width with bucket(mm): 1880
wecan skid loader Track width(mm) :1500
Wheelbase(mm) :991
Ground clearance(mm): 200
Hysoon skid loader Dump angle: 40°
Dumping height(mm): 2400
Maximum reach(mm): 750
Engine Maker/Model :XINCHAI498
China skid loader Net power :45KW/2500rpm
4 Cylinder in-line, Water cooled, 4 stroke,
Displacement(L): 3.168


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